Rental Info

Sunflower Theatre 2024 Rental Prices and Terms

Non-profit rates

  • Film: $700 base rental fee
  • Live Music: $1000 base rental fee
  • Public gatherings: $600 base rental fee

For-profit rates

  • Film: $900 base rental fee
  • Live Music: $1200 base rental fee
  • Public gatherings: $700 base rental fee

Film events include use of the projector, 1-3 mics, and seating for 100

Live music events include use of sound and lighting equipment* (see details below) and seating for 100

Public gatherings include use of 1-3 mics and seating for up to 100

Additional rental terms include:

Renter agrees to pay 50% of rental fee as a deposit with the return of this signed contract, which will be applied toward rental charge in final billing. Renter agrees to make such a deposit by check or money order made payable to the Community Radio Project. Full payment of rental fee must be made 10 days prior to the event.

A refundable cleaning ($100) and damage deposit ($100) is also required at the time of the rental fee deposit as a separate check. This deposit will cover cleaning costs and damage repair costs incurred by the Sunflower Theatre on behalf of the renter. If costs exceed the amount of the deposits, any balance will be the responsibility of the renter and must be paid in full.

Dates requested by the renter must be at least 30 calendar days prior to the event date and are not considered firm until the Sunflower Theatre approves the event and the renter returns the signed contract accompanied by the deposit. Contract and deposit must be returned no later than 30 days prior to the event. Tickets may go on sale only after receipt of a rental agreement and deposit.

RENTER SHALL PROVIDE LIABILITY INSURANCE OF $1,000,000 FOR ITSELF, ALL OF ITS PARTICIPANTS AND THE COMMUNITY RADIO PROJECT SHALL ALSO BE NAMED AS ADDITIONALLY INSURED. The Renter shall provide the Sunflower Theatre with a certificate of insurance no less than 30 days before the scheduled rental. The Sunflower Theatre must be given notice of cancellation/modification of the insurance.  Rental events without proof of insurance will be canceled.

All live music event rentals must provide their own sound technician who must be certified to run the Sunflower Theatre sound equipment.

If the renter is screening a film, proof of licensing is required.

The Sunflower Theatre is not responsible for promoting rental events at the theatre, but marketing events on the KSJD airwaves is free using the online community calendar, and on-air promotion through underwriting is available for a separate fee.

*Sound System: We consider the Sunflower Theatre to be an intimate listening room, and our sound system is designed around that concept:

      • Console – Behringer X Air XR18 18-channel iPad-Controlled Digital Mixer with 6 aux outputs
      • Snake – 8 channels available to mixer
      • Main speakers – two EV ETX 15P (15″ / horn, powered mains)
      • Monitors – EV ZLX-12P-US (12″ powered wedge x2)
      • Microphones – Shure SM-57 & SM-58 (Beta)

High efficiency LED lighting including full stage wash, upstage / blackout wash, and specials with LED profile fixtures with iPad-based Luminair DMX lighting control.

The Sunflower Theatre reserves the right to deny ANY rental requests based for ANY reason.

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Sunflower Theatre in Cortez, Colorado