Sunflower Theatre - Cortez Colorado Events Venue

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Sunflower Theater at KSJD - Cortez, Colorado Events Venue


History, Mission & Vision

The impetus, planning and project design around the Sunflower Theatre began in 2008, when the City of Cortez and the Montezuma Arts Council embarked on separate projects that had the same conclusion: 1) there is demand for a venue for arts and culture in Cortez and 2) this venue would spur economic development on Main Street.

In 2009 Community Radio Project purchased the building and began fundraising for a $1.5 million renovation of one of the most iconic structures in the region into a facility that would meet the needs laid out by the Montezuma Arts Council and the Cortez Comprehensive Plan.

In 2012, KSJD began operating from its new studios adjacent to the Sunflower Theatre, while construction on the theatre continued.  The Sunflower opened its doors in January 2015.

Mission: Community Radio Project’s (CRP) mission is to promote and sustain non-commercial, community based broadcasting that supports the inclusive voice, education and interest of our rural audience in Montezuma County, Colorado and the Four Corners area.

Vision: CRP’s vision is that of a diverse, resilient community informed, entertained and empowered by a vibrant public media service.

Board of Directors: CRP’s board provides oversight for the operations of KSJD Community Radio and the Sunflower Theatre. Board Meetings are open to the public and are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of odd months.