General Info

General Info

Sunflower Theatre -layout- PDF

Type of Venue: Proscenium stage, level main floor and balcony with front vestibule entry area for concessions and admissions.

Seating Capacity:
Main Floor – 73
Balcony – 27
Total Seating – 100
Chair Configuration – Variable (tables available for special events)
Food and Beverage – Bar with beer, wine, and limited liquor service with bar snacks (chips, popcorn, candy)

Technical Info

Sound System: We consider the venue to be an intimate listening room, and our sound system is designed around that concept.

Front of House:
Console – Behringer X Air XR18 18-channel iPad-Controlled Digital Mixer with 6 aux outputs

Snake – 16 channels available to mixer

Main speakers – 2 –EV ETX 15P (15″ / horn, powered mains)

Monitors – 2 – EV ZLX-12P-US (12″ powered wedge x2)
Microphones – Shure SM-57 & SM-58 (Beta)

Recording: High quality recording and broadcasting capability between venue and radio station (recording is a 2-Track / Stereo mixdown)

Lighting: High efficiency LED lighting including full stage wash, upstage / blackout wash, and specials with LED profile fixtures with iPad-based Luminair DMX lighting control


Piano: Kawai Grand

Drapes: Stage-width Black-Out curtain & Proscenium Legs

Video Projection: Panasonic 4500 lumen High-Definition Projector.  The input is HDMI.

Audio signals must be split from the HDMI source and diverted through the analog sound system. Please contact us with any questions.

Sunflower Theatre - Events and Music in Cortez, Colorado
Sunflower Theatre in Cortez, Colorado